A long time away, but I'm back !

Jan 24 - Pierre

Here I am, back. And I have decided to start fresh for this year. My objective is to publish more regularly and to focus on cases of data…

A tale of 2 tables

Apr 24 - Pierre

There are 2 types of users of table: One that quickly look at it to find its information and move on One that works extensively with the…

Break the dev to save the production

Nov 18 - Pierre

On breaking stuff When I tried skateboarding one of the very first time, I heard this: when you fall, you have to to get back on the board…

My reading list of 2021

Histoire des Tchèques et des SlovaquesAntoine Marès28.8%
SapiensYuval Noah Harari83.5%
Dune MessiahFrank Herbet71.8%
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