A long time away, but I'm back !

Author: Pierre

Here I am, back. And I have decided to start fresh for this year. My objective is to publish more regularly and to focus on cases of data analytics.

The idea being to write about take home assignements is the first one that comes to my mind. I am working at the moment but over the past few years I have accumulated a couple of cases and I want to look at them from the perspective of:

  • A data analyst
  • A data scientist
  • A machine learning engineer
  • A data engineer

(Maybe I'll make an article on how I would define these roles by the way)

I will start by publishing the first raw data used for the cases on my GitHub profile in a new repo for this project.

As no one is reading my blog at the moment I can just do whatever I want for myself. But if you, stranger, stumble upon this site ! Contact me, maybe send me a take home assignement that you had to do recently or in the past and I shall try to do it and publish my findings here. Or just sharing some data stories, up to you.

Beware though, if you are having currently take home assignments, I would generally recommend not spending more than maybe 2-3 hours on cases for companies because very often they send you days of work that are time consuming for elusive interviews that never come. But good luck in your job search and I wish you well.

The first case I will tackle has been sent to me by a big consulting company, it consisted of 3 separate cases for a Machine Learning position. I had to chose 2 of them, and they were rather long to complete:

  1. About time series analysis and predictions
  2. Classification with a small bit of data engineering
  3. Text analysis and classification

First, I will do the challenges using R, and if I see that the experience goes well, I will do it in Python and afterwards... We will see !

Have a good day,


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